Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thursday October 16th

Last night when I was in my bed reading, my neightbors decided to have loud sex. Twice.
Not frustrating at all...

Anyhow - today starts the third week of my vacation in California... :)

Since I wasn't going to Mexico, I had to do something else. Looking through the tourist stuff, I found that they had an Air and Space museum in town. Just that info decided what to do, but right now they also had a section dedicated to Star Trek. Done deal - I headed over there!

(please note the wonderful SR-71 Blackbird to the right of the entrance)

Some models of different Enterprise's & some other Star Trek ships (just like in the movie "First Contact"):

A replica of the Original series bridge:

with Kirk's chair from the TV series. I sat in it. :)

Corridor, looking just like they did in TNG:

The captains quarters, with some things from his travels in TNG (can you spot the flute from Inner Light? :):
They had many different stuff from all series
as well as clothing:
A transporter pad had been built!
and a replica of the Guardian of Forever (from the TOS episode "The City on the edge of forever" of course, but you know this):
The museum had many nice "normal" aircrafts as well, but I won't public any of those, because it got better later on during the day when I went onboard the USS Midway - a aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum in the San Diego harbour:
Some photos from the flight deck:

San Diego from the flight deck:

I stayed on the Midway until it closed at 5pm and then went to see San Diego the city. I walked along the 4th, 5th and 6th street a bit and looked at the shops and resturants.
A nice town this is. :)
I ate at TGI Friday and then drove to the hotel.
Going back to LA tomorrow morning.
Apperently my plans involves a play to be seen and then go partying, but more of that in the next blog.


Julia said...

skulle gärna ha teleporterat mig till USA just nu... :)

Em said...

Åh herregud.... jag är så avundsjuk!!