Saturday, October 18, 2008

Monday October 13th

I was still not sure what I would do today when I went to bed last night. Universal Studios - or Six Flags?
While I was pondering about it, I fell asleep, which mean no alarm clock being set.
So I woke up at 9 am and figured I would miss the opening on what ever I would decide - so I just stayed in bed. A very nice decision btw. I love vacations!

Time to get up (at 11) and since I had nothing really at the agenda - so I looked at the location I would like to see - and move to my car and drove there.

My first stop was at a sports arean no less; the Coliseum (remember the olympics 1984? Well, I do):

After that - straight to the Sony Picture building.

You think I go there for the whole "Hollywood studio thing"? No, no, no.
I go there because it is the building that contains the atterny at law company "Wolfram and Hart" from the TV series Angel. That means I have to go there:

Evil place that is..

Anyhow - onward from here is actually a "celeb home". My favourite female movie star of all times, my beloved Winona Ryder.
This is apperently her LA home:

Then I figured I had some time over, so I went back to the Griffith Obsetvatory during the day.
Some amazing sights from there:

After that I went to Rose Bowl, where Depeche Mode made their famous concert for the 101 movie:

then back to the hotel and took it easy, while waiting for my favourite LA pirate to get home.

The clock strikes seven - and I ge to call her. Erfan is home. At last!

After some problem with getting a cab (I though USA was the home of cabs?) I get to Burbank and Erfan.
I met her and... she is exactly as she is in game & forums. Which is what draw me to her in the first place.
So she takes me to this real Mexican resturant (Mucho Mas?) for food (and drinks of course - this is Erfan!).
When that is done (very nice food btw!), we go back to her place for some more drinks. We drink and watch wierd American TV (Redneck Wedding, WTF?) and have a good time.
Since she is working tomorrow (which reminds me how good it is to have vacation!), I am off to my hotel before midnight, but I we will met up again soon.
So I am back at my hotel again (washing some clothes now actually) and will go to bed soon. Not sure what I will do tomorrow.
Oh, and I have read about the fires outside LA. I haven't seen them at all and probaly never will. I live and am keeping myself inside the city limits, so don't worry about me. :)

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