Monday, October 06, 2008

Friday October 24th - part II

Time for a new show!

I got on the Monorail and travelled all the way to the other side of the Strip - the Sahara station - and then walk to Stratosphere to get there. Not the bestest of neightborhood over there, btw...

Anyhow - I got there and made sure I had good seating for the show.
Also ate some chinese food while I was waiting for the theater to open.

I was there for the show Bite - a vampire show that had... potential.
Not telling too much about the show and what it had to offer - but it wasn't really that good to be honest. :(
I had hoped for more.

Here is some of it's cast, which wasn't that bad:

I took a few drinks at the Stratosphere's C-bar afterwards, but no fun there so I took the Monorail back home again.
While walking past Coyote Ugly, I asked them how long they will stay open this night (it was 2am - the time when they closed last night) and since they said 3-4am, I figured, why not? It is my last day on vacation after all...
So I went in, took a beer - and as I was drinking my second, they closed. At 2:30, Thank you very much for that. :(
So I walked back to Excalibur, but all fun places were closed there as well (and this is suppose to be Vegas - the party town?!). Hence - me back at my room.
Tomorrow - going back home to the chaos that will undoubtable await me. Fun...

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