Friday, October 24, 2008

Tuesday October 7th

All the things to do on San Francisco-list has been done, so I had to find something new today. So I took the bus to Golden Gate Park and walked around in there.

First real stop in the park was the Japanese Tea Garden.

A quiet nice little park with japanese trees, houses and bridges. It was really a nice place to visit - highly recommended! :)

After that I walked to the California Academy of Science - always something more I can fit in this head of mine! :)

Here is the albino alligator they have:

They had a nice Planetarium (where they showed the movie "Fragile Planet", narriated by Sigourney Weaver), but I also liked the Rainforest "room":

Butterflies were flying around freely in there. Real cool.

And the mandatory "Look at me"-frogs:

But the truth is, have you been to one of these museums, you have seen the most part of them all. Some new things in each museum (like this museum's roof, on which they had planted grass and flowers), but very much the same.
I still liked it though - and will always go to more of these when I see them.

I also spent some time in their garden, reading my current book ("Relic" - not sure if it is any good yet) while laying in the grass. Vacation is nice!

In retrospect, both the Japanese Garden and the Science museums were fun - but I am sure that it would have been ten times better sharing the experience with someone.
Going there alone - not the same thing.

Well, well - moving on.

I went back to the hotel after this, had spent about five hours in the Park. I made a reservation for my car tomorrow - going to be much more expensive than expected. :( and ordered a pizza (which just arrived!).

Tomorrow I will head down Highway 1 towards LA. I will probably stop one night on the way (not sure where yet).
If it has internet, I'll post a new log then - if not you have to wait until Thursday. :)

And here is a bonus picture, just because I am an old-time Arnold fan:

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